Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Mobile Map Helps You Navigate Nature While You Ski

Using 3D mapping, FATMAP allows users to make informed decisions about their ski routes

Advertising Club Med Crowdsources Ski Resort In French Alps

Crowdsourcing is now being used for the development of hotels and resorts.

Innovation Snow Boots With Retractable Skis Are Actually A Rent-A-Car Ad [Video]

Hertz creates a new dream winter accessory concept to advertise their rates to ski destinations.

Technology The North Face Integrates Airbags Into Sportswear For Safer Hiking

Sports apparel brand partners with ABS to develop the Avalanche Airbag Safety System.

Technology Ski Pole Phones Let Users Take Calls And Texts On The Slopes

Now skiers can view messages and chat without taking off their gloves.

Design Starbucks Opens Ski-Thru Coffee Shop On The Slopes

Order hot beverages on the go without taking your snow equipment off.

Design Sporting Sails: Wind-Powered Skateboarding

A kite-like sail adds a new dimension to the sport.

Design (Pics) El Portillo Ski Cabin

El Portillo is a boldly styled cabin located at the Javalambre ski station in Teruel, Spain.