Technology One Minute Video Site Teaches People New Skills [Video]

Learn new skills in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Advertising Cyclists Teach New Riders Urban Riding Skills

Prior to the launch of NYC’s bike share system experienced bikers are lending a hand to newbies

Design Emily Goligoski: Skills To Succeed In The Start Up World [PSFK 2013]

Ahead of our PSFK CONFERENCE 2013, Emily Goligoski of Mozilla Open Badges talks about how increased education is the key to excelling in tech.

Gaming & Play Learning By Doing - A Future Of Work Trend

A collaborative, startup mentality is being adopted by workers and organizations that allows for new ways to learn.

Innovation Software Plug-In Sharpens User Skills On Latest Programs [Future Of Work]

Adobe has created a plug-in called LevelUp to help educate users on how to use the program basics or improve their proficiency.

Work Office Program Connects Co-Workers To Keep Them Updated [Future Of Work]

E-learning company Learn27 has created an enterprise learning solution that keeps workers updated on desirable new skills.

Design Piers Fawkes: How Work Is Changing Everything

PSFK founder introduces the key lessons that emerged from his team's analysis of the workplace.

Gaming & Play Educational Game Leverages Kinect To Make Learning Fun [Future Of Gaming]

Microsoft has released a series of ‘playful learning’ video games that function with the controller-free, motion-sensing device, Kinect for Xbox 360.

Technology Game Functionality And Systems: Gesture-Based Gaming [Future Of Gaming]

Motion-sensing technologies are capable of responding to a wider range of natural movements, enabling developers to create more intuitive game experiences.

Innovation Game Bridges The Virtual-Physical Gap To Teach Real Guitar [Future Of Gaming]

'Rocksmith' is an interactive videogame that allows players to learn real guitar while gaming on-screen.

Gaming & Play Web Platform Unlocks Prospective Career And Learning Opportunities [Future Of Gaming]

The Open Badges infrastructure offers a web platform for unlocking new career and learning opportunities by making it easy to issue, earn and display various skill badges across the web.

Work Company Uses Gaming To Teach The World To Code [Future of Gaming]

PSFK discuss the Future of Gaming with the founders of Codecademy, a company that has developed a new way to teach people programming.

Design Digital Badges: The New Way To Display Your Skills And Achievements?

A Digital Media and Learning competition aims to create badges for lifelong learning that are recognized across the web.

Advertising HeyKiki: An Online Hub For Hands-On Knowledge Transfer

A dedicated web platform aims to foster communities for crafts, hobbies and apprenticeship.