Brand Activation & Immersion Interview: Perry Ellis Shoppers Can Ask Alexa What To Wear

In an interview with PSFK, Marketing Manager Ally Lee explains why Perry Ellis created a voice-activated skill that provides men with curated, real-time advice that integrates seamlessly with their daily routine, and that, in turn, is helping inform the apparel brand's online and offline store experience

Automotive BMW's In-Car Voice Assistant Will Learn Driver Tendencies And Offer Suggestions For Optimal Drives

Bucking the trend of automakers partnering with assistants like Amazon's Alexa, BMW's own AI device will be available in 23 languages and in 10 major consumer markets, letting drivers turn on their HVAC system, adjust the lighting and change music via voice

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Using AI To Tailor Individual Services In Wealth Management

A scenario from PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook with Microsoft shows how AI technology can aid in customizing investment recommendations

Advertising Microsoft's Advertising Chatbot Helps Marketers Personalize Customer Engagement

Those who use Bing can search for an establishment and have their questions answered before they get to the location

Technology Take A Coding Skill Test During A Skype Call

Those partaking in a coding job interview through a video call can show off their skills on Skype's new code editor feature

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel BMW Is Working On Developing Fully Connected Autonomous Cars

The German car brand released three new technologies that make cars more connected and supportive than ever

Design This Isolation Helmet Is Meant To Help Office Workers Be More Productive

A giant internet-connected helmet could be the answer to all of your productivity woes at work—if you're willing to put it on!

Entertainment Doctor Who Campaign Challenges Fans To Solve A Mystery Over Skype

Fans can join the Doctor as he attempts to find the six Keys of Time scattered across all space and time and bring them together again to save the universe

Retail This Futuristic ATM Wants To Completely Replace Bank Branches

The self-service kiosk allows people to perform all their banking needs through Skype conferencing on the device

Technology AI Is Assisting In Making Digital Marketing Campaigns More Effective

Rather than looking through hours of information themselves, a marketing team can assign this task to their newest artificially intelligent co-worker

Beauty Shiseido And Microsoft Have Created A Makeup Filter For Women Who Telecommute

The Japanese cosmetic company built an augmented reality app that works alongside Skype for Business

Automotive Dashboard Assistant Will Make Your Next Car A Self-Parking Mobile Office

Mercedes is pioneering a new technology that will enable your vehicle to help with driving and work

Home Find Your Passport in 30 Seconds and IKEA Rewards You With Dream Holiday

Your not-so-dusty passport will come in handy when win a free vacation via Skype

Innovation Inspiring A Global Communication Network Through Modern Messaging

PSFK, in partnership with HP Matter, speaks to Jonathan Christensen, CEO of Wire, about the democratization of seamless and secure chat