Design Living Tower In Singapore Covered With Over 20 Plant Species

WOHA architects created a green highrise in the central business district

Work Donut-Shaped Skyscraper Dominates Chinese Skyline [Pics]

This unique structure is maybe the best collaboration between China and Italy since pasta.

Innovation Urban Rooftop Farms Produce Edible, Nutritious Algae [Pics]

Unused space on a Bangkok skyscraper is transformed into a production site for this super food.

Luxury Google Maps Views From The World’s Tallest Building [Video]

The service has mapped the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest manmade structure measuring 2,717 ft.

Advertising Building Cities Using The Power Of The Crowd [PSFK 2013]

Rodrigo Nino, CEO of Prodigy Network, is moving urban funding into the hands of the public in Bogota, Colombia.

Design Entire Chinese City To Be Housed Inside Half-Mile High Skyscraper

Vertical living saves on space and energy compared with a conventional metropolis.

Innovation Floating Structures Scrub The Air Of Pollution

Jellyfish-like buildings float high above the city, cleaning the air in this design proposal.

Design Urban Concept Puts Schools On Top Of NYC Skyscrapers To Raise Their Importance

A group of Portuguese architects reimagine rooftops as schools, provoking the question, if public education existed literally above everything else, could it be valued above everything else as well?

Luxury Huaxi: The Village That Towers Above China [Headlines]

A 328-supertower will open in a communist model community of just 2,000.

Design 200 Feet Under: An Underground Skyscraper [Pics]

An architectural concept for Mexico City is a new skyscraper that burrows underground rather than reach for the sky.

Design New Addition To The Iconic Manhattan Skyline [Video]

An incredibly tall and dynamic residential tower in New York transforms its appearance throughout the day.

Work 'Hermit Mountains' - Skyscrapers Designed to Blend Into China's Natural Landscape

Aiming to blend into the mountainous landscape of Western China, architects Hongjun Zhou and Lu Xiong have proposed a skyscraper design named "hermit mountains."

Design Skyburbs Combine Suburban & High-Rise Living

We've seen many examples of conceptual vertical farming, and of course high-rise living - but what about a combination of the two? Architects from Tzannes Associates in Sydney have dreamed up just such an idea with their Skyburbs concept design.