Video How To Build Empathy Into Digital Product Experiences

Slack Research Team Lead Christina Janzer says that brands can build a user‑friendly product if they care to listen to how people feel about the product and the pain points they’re experiencing.

Video Understanding The Value In Putting People First

As Slack Research Team Lead Christina Janzer explains, it isn't enough for brands to take user feedback at face value, they must place humanity at the core of products

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Business Travelers Can Coordinate Their Plans On SAP's Travel Slack Bot

SAP Concur is using Slack to help streamline business travel, ensuring that business teams have a single platform for itinerary, pricing and booking information

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Digital Bank Lets Business Customers Connect Their Finance Platform Directly To Slack

Revolut Connect integrates Slack to let users receive instant notifications regarding payments, account balance limits and other activity in their accounts, helping customers stay on top of their spending

Design Interview: Designing User Experiences That Prioritize Humanity

Christina Janzer, Slack's Head of Research, describes how her team designs human-centric user experiences (and reveals her favorite emoji) before joining us at our CXI 2018 conference on May 18

Interview Interview: The UX Principles Everyone Should Heed, According To Slack

Slack's Head of Research Christina Janzer shares the work behind the team messaging platform's feel-good moments

Work Freelancers Network Leverages Slack For Job Matching

An add-on for the work messaging platform increases its value for users by offering access to a network of pre-screened freelance talent

Podcast Slack's Approach To Good Design

Christina Janzer, Slack's Head of Research, describes how her team designs human-centric user experiences

Design Interview: When Chat Works Best As Brand Interface

Betaworks VC Peter Rojas shares his perspective on where and why chat has found success as a medium for brands to interact with consumers

Loyalty & Membership Book Your Hotel Room With An Emoji

Marriott is allowing groups to book rooms on Slack by voting with a thumbs-up emoji

Advertising Slack Will Now Help Workers Find The Right Team Members For Their Questions

The team chat platform lets people look up the best coworkers to talk to on specific subjects

Work Slack Plugin Reveals If Coworkers Are Feeling Stressed

Vibe is a new Slack plugin that can measure happiness, disappointment, and irritation based on team communications

Work HP's Bot Lets Workers Print Directly From Slack

Hewlett Packard's chat bot integration means fast, convenient printing for all

Work Community Builder: How to Hack Slack

Claire Wasserman, Founder of Ladies Get Paid, describes how she's using an internal team communication tool to build a network of thousands