smart cars

Advertising Dancing Traffic Light Man Keeps Everyone Safe, Smiling

Compact car brand Smart expands its safety campaign with a grooving warning sign

Design Why The Solution To Safer Driving Is More Legible In-Car Fonts

MIT study helps Monotype develop a safe typeface for car dashboards.

Technology Intel iQ: How Will We Benefit When Our Tech Talks Back?

How can smartphones and Wi-Fi Direct help save lives, and make our driving experience safer and 'smarter?'

Luxury Cadillac XTS Wins Connected Car Of The Year [Headlines]

The high end automobile has been awarded the tech prize for its all-in-one system.

Home More Than 50% Of Devices At CES Were Internet Connected [Headlines]

Nearly half of all electronics at the Las Vegas trade show had access to the world wide web.

Innovation Smart Fortwo ED : 94 MPG City, 79 MPG Highway

The EPA has revealed its official MPG ratings for Smart's new cars. Engadget

Design Intelligent Urban Vehicle Can Drive Itself

General Motors has announced a new electric smart-vehicle designed for future urban environments.