smart cities

Design A Former Navy Airfield Near Boston Will Be Turned Into A Smart City

The planned development will be home to self-driving cars and shuttles as well as green space and units for offices and residents

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Google Wants To Build A High-Tech Neighborhood In Toronto

Will “to google” soon mean “to move to a Google-created city”? Sidewalk Labs is looking to create a new model for innovative urban growth

Advertising Heading to SXSW? Don't Miss These Top Retail, Advertising & Design Events!

PSFK’s Guide to SXSW Interactive helps brands, retailers, technologists and creatives navigate Austin’s myriad panels, parties and lounges to discover the most exciting and informative events

Syndicated Are Smart Cities And Digital Privacy Fundamentally At Odds?

A wide range of data-gathering sensors are being introduced to urban environments, which could pose a threat to our personal information

Samsung Is Designing The First National Network For Smart Cities

We are one step closer to a fully connected, closed loop city design

Features How Circadian Rhythms And Roman Baths Are Transforming Australian Cities

The team behind the next generation of sustainable buildings aim to promote wellness

Technology GM and Lyft: The Chauffeurs of Community-Minded Cities

A partnership between the two firms will bring self-driving vehicles to the ride-sharing business, what happens to the social dynamics of an urban environment remains to be seen

Innovation Smart Cities are Beginning to Adopt Electric Scooters as the Future of Transport

As cities expand and demand for electric scooters and vehicles grows, Gogoro is trying to bring a new urban energy infrastructure to market

Home IBM Web Series Spotlights City-Changing Ideas

Part of a larger campaign for better city management, the short films feature innovative projects from determined city-dwellers

Technology Video Screen Tables See Diners Focusing On Anything But Eating

At the Ebony Interactive Restaurant in Dubai, the touchscreen tabletops are more important then the food.

Design TED Gives 2012 Prize To An Idea, Not A Person

Ideas organization TED has chosen an unusual winner of its annual award: City 2.0.

Design Insights Into Building Smarter Cities [Infographic]

What are the crucial factors that need to be considered in order to create a sustainable city?

Work Does Wales Exist? How Data Could Transform Borders And Boundaries [Video]

MIT's Senseable Cities project shows how data could minimise disruption to the 'human network' and transform political borders.

Gaming & Play Open Data And Emergent Digital Horizons At Future Everything 2011 [Event]

Open Data, Emotional computing, the digital self and the integration of digital technology within our cities are all topics on the agenda for the FutureEverything Festival