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Design How The FDA Is Planning For A Future Of Health Wearables

The government agency created a new wearables program with the hopes to introduce more innovative health features to the market

Technology Bone Conduction Ring Lets You Make Calls With Your Fingers

Orii makes accepting calls far easier by using bone conduction and vibrating through a person's finger

Fitness & Sport Championship Tennis Balls Are Repurposed Into Portable Speakers

HearO took tennis balls from the 2016 Wimbledon Championship and turned them into unique Bluetooth speakers

Health Bluetooth Ring Tracks Vital Signs 24/7

The OURA provides important feedback based on the wearer's vitals tracked throughout the day, during exercises, and while they sleep

Home Building A Better Connected Home

In a conversation with Nest, we discuss the the risks, benefits and future of home automation

Design Adjust Your Home Around Optimizing Sleep

The Sleepwise device tracks sleeping patterns and and automatically adjusts other IoT devices in the home to create optimal conditions for a restful night

Advertising Home Review: Why Upgrades, Not Purchasing, Is The Key To IoT Market Share

In a world where we replace our technology every two or three years, wouldn't it be nice to simply update what we already have?

Health This Wearable Button Could Help Keep Elderly Patients Safe

The smart device is designed to help monitor the proximity of people with Autism and Alzheimer's

Technology Open An Old School Padlock With Your Smartphone

The Bluetooth-connected device allows people to securely share multiple, digital keys

Home Tiny Sensor Tracks The Temperature Changes In Your Home

The peanut-shaped device can also be linked with smart thermostats to automate when heat or air conditioning activates

Technology Sonar System Touch-Enables Any Surface

Draw on a surface and watch as this system tracks the movement on your device's screen

Work A Pillow Designed to Keep Your Phone Cozy

Kick back and place your phone on this cushion designed to support your device

Technology Hush Earplugs Feature Built-In Alarm

In-ear device blocks out noise and offers private notifications, so the wearer is the only person to hear the alarm going off

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Simple Device Creates Your Grocery List

The hiku is a one-step tool that will help you build your list quickly and easily