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Analysis Interview: How High-Tech Glasses Brand North Builds Futuristic Retail Experiences For Optimal Fits

The Canadian technology brand is creating a new way to experience smart glasses, with high-touch retail locations in Brooklyn and Toronto that enable personalized fit and function

Fashion & Apparel Snapchat's Updated Spectacles Offer Wearers Polarized And Prescription Options

The social platform's latest Spectacle model aims to offer wearers both functionality and style, incorporating new design features to enhance the user experience of capturing and sharing images

Design Smart Glasses Could Turn Your Nose Into A Remote Control

This proposal for smart glasses recognizes the wearer touching their nose to act as a remote control for their phone

Technology Dior's Frame-Maker Is Building Mind-Reading Smart Glasses

Safilo is developing eyewear that tracks brainwaves and sends the results to an app to help people assess their state of mind and help them relax and meditate

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Bluetooth Glasses Provided Cyclists With A Heads-Up-Display For Their Ride

Raptor displays vital information for bicyclists without them having to look down at their phone

Entertainment Connected Glasses Offer Helpful Features Without Looking Like A Tech Product

A company has started a Kickstarter project for their pair of user-friendly smart eyewear

Health Train Like The US Olympic Cycling Team With These Smart Glasses

Glasses provide athletes with all the essential data they need at blink of an eye

Technology Sunglasses Designed To Help The Blind See

New technology by a blind software developer at Microsoft could improve lives

Work Digital Eye Lenses Might Need Fashion Autonomy to Succeed

Zeiss is reimagining augmented reality with digital glasses