smart phones

Technology Connected Whiteboards Link With Smartphones

Smartkapp is a whiteboard that saves its content and shares it on demand

Advertising Tesco Introduces Interactive, Virtual Grocery Store In UK's Gatwick Airport

The grocery retail chain opened the "doors" of its virtual stores in the departure terminal as part of a trial in mobile retail.

Home More Than 50% Of Devices At CES Were Internet Connected [Headlines]

Nearly half of all electronics at the Las Vegas trade show had access to the world wide web.

Retail Real Estate Agency Utilizes QR Codes On Sale Boards

Strutt & Parker's new campaign provides instantaneous information to passers-by about houses for sale

Advertising Indian Telco Predicts A Decrease In Population Growth Thanks To 3G Phones

An Indian telcom ad shows how 3G smart phones can be effective in controlling the population.

Design Strategies For Subverting Ubiquitous Computing

Steffen Fielder has designed vintage kinetic machines that enable you to tell little white lies to sensors.

Work Making The World Around You Clickable

Microsoft Tag's Robin Lanahan talks with PSFK in anticipation of her upcoming presentation at our Future of Mobile Marketing Salon in Austin.

Gaming & Play Nielsen Offers A Cross Industry Preview Of What We'll Watch And Buy In 2010

What will we watch and buy in 2010? Nielsenwire offers its cross-industry predictions for consumer behavior and media consumption in 2010.