smart technology

Automotive How Brands Like Volkswagen Are Rethinking Everyday Tech With Voice-Activated Engagement

From PSFK's Creating Next-Gen Content Experiences report, here is how three brands are incorporating voice activation and audio-based technology to make consumer-technology interactions more entertaining and efficient

Consumer Goods This Smart Blanket Creates The Perfect Sleeping Temperature For Couples

The Smartduvet Breeze allows for either side of the bed to be heated or cooled to the ideal temperature without affecting their partner

Design Mahogany Remote Combines Classic Aesthetics With Smart Functionality

The remote can connect to and control most devices that use Wi-Fi

Technology Sunglasses Designed To Help The Blind See

New technology by a blind software developer at Microsoft could improve lives

Home PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

On-flight hotel suites, pimped out bikes, and the visual effects of climate change on cities.

Design Social Headphones Enhance Music Sharing And Discovery

Muzik headphones let the wearer easily tweet or post to Facebook and the built-in accelerometer means they stop playing when they’re taken off.

Gaming & Play Are Our Objects Becoming More Human? [PSFK NYC 2012]

Pervasive gaming guru Kevin Slavin, discusses how smart technology is humanizing our possessions and making us depend on them in a very personal way.

Advertising Springwise: Smart Inhaler Shows You The Best Technique For Use

Stats show that three in four asthma sufferers do not use their inhaler effectively, a new device educates patients as they use it.

Technology CIA Threatens To Spy On You Through Your Dishwasher [Headlines]

Connected appliances are generating a mass of passive data that is just waiting to be harvested by government institutions.

Design Anti-Theft Car Seat Recognizes Drivers By Their Own 'Seats'

Smart technology measures the pressure applied when users sit down using a set of 360 sensors.

Home Triple Pundit: Nest Learning Thermostat -- Shiny Toy Or Serious Tool?

This self-programming gadget learns when and how to cool or heat your home, but it might not save you as much as you'd hope.