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Health CVS Is Creating 24-Hour Telemedicine Service For Consumers Nationwide

The drugstore chain and pharmacy retailer is integrating additional functions into its mobile services, providing consumers with more convenient and custom-tailored care

Design Sweatshirt Functions As A Portable Back Massager

An accompanying app lets users pick the duration and intensity of their backrub session

Gaming & Play Refugees Now Find It Easier to Make Friends in Sweden

This service helps settlers build a new social circle after a politically motivated move

Home Feel Like You're Walking on the Moon With Gravity-Defying Shoes

Magnets in the soles of these "moon shoes" create an out-of-this-world sensation

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel NYC Taxis Finally Have Their Own App

Arro wants to be the go-to app for taxi services, and it's cheaper than Uber without the hassle of surge pricing

Retail Future Mall Lightbulbs May Talk to Shoppers' Phones

GE's forward-thinking shopping spaces will communicate with shoppers through pulsating lights

Advertising How London Transport is Using Beacons and Apps to Help the Blind

Wayfindr, which helps the vision-impaired navigate independently, is being trialled at Pimlico station

Technology Sensor Packed Eyewear Tracks Fatigue and Posture

Meme glasses exhibit Japanese style, but sync to smartphones for high-tech health monitoring

Advertising See What Your Friends Fave and Like in One User Interface

Starlike app from AOL lets you to personalize a newsfeed that curates your network's top content

Work Virgin App Powers Hotel Guests with Phone-Direct Streaming and Thermosat Control

Virgin opens first hotel which coincides with launch of a personal comfort app for guests

Technology App Sends Texts Without Internet Or Cell Signal

Social app leverages Wi-Fi signals to transmit SMS.

Innovation Neighborhood Platform Sources News And Events From Social Media

Smartphone app that brings the world to your doorstep.

Work Augmented Reality Projections Turn Windshield Into A Navigation Screen [Video]

New app that lets you see the road as if you are wearing Google Glass.

Design Lamp Mimics Sunlight In Different Time Zones [Pics]

App-controlled light indicates the time of day in any location around the world.