Merchandising & Curation Digital Accessories Allow BMW Motorcyclists A Safer, More Convenient And Connected Ride

The automaker's new Motorrad app and products account for all of crossroaders' navigational and multimedia needs, including hands-free access to navigation systems, route mapping and cross-country music playlists that allows for smoother journeys

Retail This App Rewards Students For Time Not Spent On Their Phones

The Hold app—already used by 40% of students in Norway—allows users to earn rewards such as cinema tickets for not using their phone

Syndicated Why Augmented Reality Is The Next Battleground For Apple And Google

The two biggest players in smartphone software are pitching to win the war for AR

Design Artist Shuns Pocketability In Favor Of A Mobile Telephone Booth

Benedetto Bufalino fitted a telephone booth with a set of wheels so he could drive around while taking a phone call

Automotive Samsung's New Auto-Reply Feature Is Made To Prevent Distracted Driving

In-Traffic Reply activates automatically when it detects the user is driving

Entertainment Photo-Realistic Holograms Could Soon Be A Reality

8i's Holo lets people create content with holograms of their favorite celebrities, brands, and characters

Syndicated Uncovering Uber's Big Security Problem

A former employee is blowing the whistle on what he sees as abuse of the company's technology

Syndicated Facebook Chatbots Can Now Serve Up Targeted Ads

Brands and businesses are now able to send "sponsored messages" to anyone who has interacted with them previously on the platform

Syndicated A Look At The Next Generation Of Doorbells

From facial-recognition to dog power, new technologies are being leveraged to guard the home

Innovation After The Initial Success Of AR Gaming, What Does The Future Hold?

With Pokemon GO earning up to $10m a day, R&D departments are busy searching for the next phase

Syndicated Can Apps Improve Our Mental Wellbeing?

Reaching for your phone to help with stress and sleep might feel counterintuitive, but there are now hundreds of apps that promise to help us find inner peace

Syndicated How "Sent From My iPhone" Became A Key Piece Of Net Etiquette

Once considered a crass way of showing off, the sign-off is now a nod of acknowledgement that we are doing the best we can

Innovation How Much Is The Selfie Economy Worth?

It’s claimed that our passion for narcissistic pictures is fueling the growth of everything from lipstick to old-fashioned photobooths. Here’s a sector-by-sector breakdown

Advertising Camera Store Spoofs Apple's iPhone Campaign

The series of images serves to remind people of the limitations of smartphone cameras