Analysis How Brands Like BMW Are Taking Their Post-Purchase Service Ecosystems Online

From PSFK's 2019 Automotive CX Debrief, here's how three car retailers are developing tech-based products and services that provide post-purchase customer support for a digital-first market

Features How Brands Like Fitbit Encourage Healthy Lifestyles With Gamified Wellness Tracking

Brands are using wearable fitness technology to gamify wellness and connect consumers across personalized programs

Brand Activation & Immersion Under Armour Helps Customers Track Their Activity With Digital Fitness Ecosystem

The fitness brand is releasing a collection of wearable and connected products that include seamless tech integrations and specific data collection for real-time coaching

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services UnitedHealth Online Program Lets Members Keep Apple Watch In Exchange For Steps

UnitedHealthcare is encouraging its customers to maintain healthy lifestyles by letting them "walk off" the cost of an Apple Watch in a digital fitness program, marrying wellness with increasing the accessibility of luxury tech

Retail How Brands Are Improving Employee Efficiency By Enabling Hybrid Workstreams

Equipping employees with advanced tools, businesses are enabling workers to complete their tasks more efficiently and safely, improving the employee experience while raising workplace productivity

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Smartwatch Improves Hotel Service With Employee Alerts

Samsung and ALICE equip hotel staff with wearables and notifications that help them stay on top of housekeeping and maintenance requests from guests

Post Purchase Service & Support Dutch Airline's Mobile App Aims To Streamline The Flyer Experience

KLM added several new features to its app to allow customers to better prepare for and facilitate their own flying experience, including rebooking cancelled flights, checking in, selecting meals and more

Health Wearable Tracker Monitors The Wellness Of Your Brain

Originally designed for patients with epilepsy, Embrace is worn around the wrist to monitor brain activity

Advertising Samsung Ad Lets Tired Drivers Know They Can't Beat Sleep

A campaign for Samsung's safety app begins with a montage of "can do" advertising, but changes its tone to warn against the dangers of driving while tired

Delivery & Logistics Wristband Lets Wearers Hear Calls Through Their Fingers

The Sgnl wristband uses bone conduction to allow the wearer to take calls through their fingers, simply by pressing them to their ear

Retail Will Voice-Powered Shopping Be The Death Of Brands?

Rob Curran, head of customer experience at Wunderman, asks: in a world where we ask our AIs to sort out most of our shopping for us, what place is there for brands?

Fashion & Apparel Elegant Timepiece Hides Tap And Pay Technology

Timex's Fairfield Contactless watch contains contactless payment strips inside

Design How Biohackers Are Pushing Their Bodies To The Next Level

Recent advancements in technology are enabling a new generation of biohackers

Technology Aircon Watch Regulates The Wearer's Body Heat

This smartwatch sends out pulses to trick the wearer's nervous system into either cooling or heating their body