Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Smartwatch Improves Hotel Service With Employee Alerts

Samsung and ALICE equip hotel staff with wearables and notifications that help them stay on top of housekeeping and maintenance requests from guests

Design Aircon Watch Regulates The Wearer's Body Heat

This smartwatch sends out pulses to trick the wearer's nervous system into either cooling or heating their body

Fitness & Sport Fitbit Launches Its First Smartwatch To Improve Health And Fitness

Fitbit Ionic, the first smartwatch from the wearables pioneer, offers a highly personalized experience

Fashion & Apparel Louis Vuitton Launches The World's Most Expensive Android Smartwatch

The watch runs Google's smartwatch operating system and retails for $2,450 and up

Consumer Goods Minimalist Smartwatch Reminds You Of Appointments—And That's It

Austrian startup proves that sometimes less is more, even when it comes to smart gear

Advertising Make Custom Watch Faces Using Instagram Pics

Michael Kors is planning to release a pair of new smartwatches with an emphasis on owner customization

Technology First Braille Watch Lets The Visually Impaired Receive Text Messages

The wrist device was designed to make phones more accessible for the blind without relying on sound

Design This Smart Watch Moves All Its Intelligence To The Band

Origin affords a sleek new level of design by moving its thinking parts away from the face

Retail This Watch Is Powered By Body Heat Alone

The PowerWatch allows the wearer to keep their watch on them at all time, because the power source is their body temperature

Fitness & Sport The One Goal Of This Watch Is To Help Save Your Life

iBeat features around-the-clock heart rate monitoring and will alert emergency response personnel if it detects irregular patterns

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Nixon Releases Smartwatch Suite Built For Adventurers

Their waterproof watch has been built for an active lifestyle, sporting over 44,000 custom configurations

Technology A Watch That Is Still 'Smart' Without A Screen

The device uses vibrating technology to relay information, potentially cultivating a branch of tech that is less invasive

Technology This Watch Strap Turns Your Fingers Into A Headset

The prototype device has been rebranded and is coming to customers soon

Fashion & Apparel Kate Spade's New Fitness Trackers Push Wearable Tech Into High Fashion

The retailer joins other designers in bringing tech-assisted lifestyles to the luxury clothing market