Beauty Exhibition Shows How Fragrances Help Explain The World

From the excesses of the 80s to the purifying smells of the 90s and the niche individuality of 2017, the way we smell says a lot about society, as a new exhibition proves

Automotive Fragrance Line Lets You Smell Like An Autonomous Car

The scents are a humorous take on contemporary auto industry trends

Advertising This Phone Case Will Alert You When You Smell Bad

A NIVEA downloadable app is trying to put an end to excessive body odor

Technology Text Smells With Scent-Based Mobile Messaging

The oPhone allows iPhone users to send pictures with special scents for a dual sensory experience.

Audiences Are Blindfolded During Scent-Based Concert

The Institute for Art and Olfaction is performing an olfactory experience at the Hammer Museum in LA.

Design Pepsi Patent Releases Smells From Open Bottles

"Aroma delivery system" makes scent marketing a new possibility for the soft drink giant.

Design How To Teach People To Smell With Design

Research into the sense of smell features odor interpreting devices for those who cannot detect scent.

Technology Future TVs Will Emit Scent To Heighten Viewing Experience

Watching a movie isn't just a visual feast anymore, now more of the viewer's senses can be stimulated.

Retail Chocolate Stamps Make Mail Smell And Taste Better

Belgian post office will roll out new line of tasty postage next month.

Home Phones Detect Bad Breath And Disease

Able to smell and taste your environment, phones of the future will know when you have a cold before you do.

Retail Perfume Line Evokes Memories With Scents like 'Snow' [Video]

Christopher Brosius' line 'CB I Hate Perfume' eschews traditional fragrance marketing for a more personal approach.

Design Send Postcards That Smell Like Favorite Foods

Concept machine, ‘food printer’ proposes printing cards that are scented with local food by using an aroma sensor to mix aroma inks stored on the machine.

Advertising How Manipulative Is Scent Marketing? [Headlines]

How does smell affect our experiences with advertisements?