Brand Activation & Immersion PSFK Retail Conference Preview: Iris Nova Founder On Beverage Innovation And Next-Generation Customer Loyalty

Before taking the stage at PSFK's upcoming Future of Retail Conference on January 16, Iris Nova (comprising brands Dirty Lemon and The Drug Store) founder and CEO Zak Normandin tells PSFK how he is pioneering a new kind of beverage brand built around strong customer relationships, seamless retail technology, and innovative product

Analysis How An AI-Enabled Booking Platform Aims To Disrupt The Restaurant Experience

With the acquisition of competing app Reserve, Resy aims to become a leading service bringing together restaurants and diners in a single app, providing consumers a convenient booking experience while enabling venues to better track their business

Delivery & Logistics How Nike Is Innovating Across The CX Experience

As detailed in PSFK's Future of Retail 2019 report, here's how fitness brand Nike is reimagining the consumer experience, through DTC methods in membership services, app integrations and more

How Brands Are Leveraging AI To Streamline The User Experience

The incorporation of chatbot options into their services allows brands to provide intuitive onboarding to their consumers, simplifying the user experience through AI processing of information

Food & Beverage How Automatic Refills Are Enhancing Subscription Services

To optimize services and give consumers peace of mind, subscription companies are increasingly offering automatic replenishments as part of their home-delivery options

Advertising Wearable Devices Illuminate Concert-Goers And Track Fan Data

The LED wearable device glows at concerts, but the real purpose behind it is to capture data and engage with fans in real time

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Amazon Wants Teens To Shop More Independently

A new feature lets teenagers get their own Amazon account with better parental controls

Technology Online Monitoring Tool Scores Kids On Their Online Social Media Safety

Pharos Social wants parents and kids to work together for safer internet browsing

Health Modern Doctor’s Clinic On Wheels Focuses On Preventive Healthcare

Forward is seeking to create a proactive healthcare system by bringing together doctors and technology

Interview How Small-Time Pizzerias Are Using Big Data To Fight Back Against ‘Big Pizza’

Slice is a startup that is building an infrastructure comprised of local pizza joints that’s bigger than the sum of its parts

Beauty Gillette Is Taking Aim Back At The Shave Club Model

A new direct-to-consumer service offers a more convenient way to order blades

Automotive How Uber Is Designing The Future Of Cities

In the lead-up to our PSFK 2017 conference, we look back at key speakers from past years. Ethan Eismann is making transportation as reliable as running water for everyone, everywhere

Design Free Syrian App Helps People Stay Connected In War And Disaster Areas

A new program called FreeCom allows online communication to work offline

Retail Manage Your Bank Account Using Emojis

Capital One has created Eno, an AI that communicates to customers through text messages about their account and can understand emojis