snail mail

Innovation Mobile App Mails Physical Letters

The Mr Postman app helps younger generations bridge the communication gap with parents and grandparents.

Design Mailable Pinhole Camera Fills The Void Left By Social Media [Pics]

Pinpal is a mailer that can be sent to friends and family, and unfolds into a camera that takes a polaroid picture.

Design Artist Shuns Keyboard In Favor Of Handwritten Texts [Pics]

Designer Cristina Vanko stopped texting her friends and sent them carefully calligraphed notes instead.

Home A Digital Mailbox For Snail Mail

Outbox creates an archive of your physical mail by bringing it into the digital world for you to peruse on your iPhone or iPad.

Technology App Lets Users Write & Send Physical Letters From Phones [Video]

Lettrs allows users to send actual mail to friends and family.

Technology Use Twitter Handle As A Physical Mailing Address

Given increased rates of geographic mobility, a startup wants to create mobile postal addresses based on digital IDs.

Technology Project Turns Emails Into Beautiful, Handwritten Letters [Pics]

Snail Mail My Email is a collaborative project that turned people's digital messages into physical works of art.

Work Securing Postage By SMS In Sweden

A curious hybrid of communication methods takes the hassle out of snail mail correspondence.

Luxury Google Envelopes: Email Meets Snail Mail

The Google Envelopes concept tells Gmail's story in physical form by creating a letter to the recipient of a composed message for the small fee of postage.

Design (Pic) Mapenvelope: Snail Mail Meets Google Maps

Mapenvelope is a simple web application created by Beste Miray, a graphic designer based in Istanbul.