Advertising Snickers Is Promoting Its New Flavors With Escape-The-Room Challenge

As part of its "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign, the candy brand set up engaging challenges in a game known as the "Hunger Bunker," which will help fans determine their hunger profile while promoting new flavors

Entertainment Snickers Took Over An Entire British TV Channel

A TV channel called Dave got 'hungry' and started airing shows that were out of character

Food & Beverage Snickers Social Campaign Can Tell When You Are Sad And Try To Cheer You Up With Chocolate

To make the Internet a better place, the chocolate gets cheaper as tweets get angrier

Advertising Snickers Invents a 'Punching Pillow' to Combat Hunger

Feeling a mixture of angry, sleepy and ravenous? Try this hunger-curbing product on eBay

Design Snickers Campaign Draws Attention to NYC Design Flaws

The chocolate bar brand extends campaign by identifying urban design mistakes throughout New York City