social commentary

Advertising 'Rock Paper Scissors': Figurative Sayings Made into Literal Products

If a tree falls and there's nobody around, can you hear it? Well, now you can buy it

Gaming & Play Elevator Game Makes Avoiding People A Challenge [Video]

A new game with embodied technology jolts us out of our familiar habits.

Work Billboards Double As Mini-Apartments For City Dwellers

Belgian artist’s project turns city ads into apartments, generating money for their inhabitants, thanks to the ads on the sides.

Technology Google Updates Shakespeare Play With Social Media Posts [Video]

New theater format would allow viewers to get involved in performances via online networks.

Design Who Is The Most Clever And Funny Conceptual Artist? [Headlines]

David Shrigley combines humor and art to create thought-provoking photographs, sculptures, drawing, animations and books.

Advertising Hipster Ipsum Offers Trendy Filler For Your Website

A satirical random word generator provides insight into a culture that passionately attempts to curtail its own identification.

Design "Robots Of Brixton": Film Depicts English History With A Mechanized Twist

A filmmaker's bring to life his unique vision of a degenerated London district inhabited by struggling robots and calls out the 1981 riots.

Design NYC: The Three Way War

Ron Gabriel's design thesis highlights the ongoing 'three-way war' between pedestrians, motorists, and bikers along the streets and intersections of New York City.