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January 16, 2019 | New York City

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Christian Brucceleri is the CEO of Snaps, a commerce platform that connects consumers to their preferred brands through digital experiences like voice, messaging and social channels. Christian is a believer in the power of value-added brand experiences that enable consumers to achieve their aspirational selves, and sees a future where voice can revolutionize brand experiences. Christian provided thinking about the state of commerce with voice-enabled AI assistants, as well as benefits, consumer expectations and privacy.


Fastkit produces custom binders, corporate kits, packages, POP displays and books for companies to keep them organized, and strategically represent their brand message during client acquisitions and more.

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Chris Bennett of Soldsie details how Instagram is allowing customers to shop through purchasable posts

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In our latest webinar, PSFK President of Research & Strategy Scott Lachut and Strategist Conner Dial  explore how innovative brands and retailers are eliminating time-consuming supply chain hierarchies, consolidating communication and inventory across channels and leveraging data-enabled technologies

November 20, 2018
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