social interaction

Advertising Guinness Asks Bar Patrons To Swap Their Phones For Beers

Irish brewer tries to bring real pub conversation back to life

Gaming & Play Elevator Game Makes Avoiding People A Challenge [Video]

A new game with embodied technology jolts us out of our familiar habits.

Design Bus Station Of The Future Lets Riders Buy Snacks, Recharge Phone [Pics]

Marc Aurel's 'Station Diderot' project is a public transit shelter that makes life easier by providing lots of services in one place.

Technology Interactive Dress Becomes Transparent With A Combination Of Technology And Intimacy

Studio Roosegaarde have created a high-tech garment that changes in response to personal encounters.

Work Electric Fireflies Mimic Social Interactions Between People

A design team in Sydney is implementing an innovative light artwork called Social Firefly, a community of intelligent lights that influence one another.

Design Device Encourages Small Talk

'Personal Adviser For Reintegration' is a conceptual device that encourages casual interaction between strangers.

Prosocial Behavior And The Dog Owner Effect

Psychologist Nicolas Guégen explores the social behavior of with-dog and no-dog conditions in request-oriented activities.