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Shopper Marketing & Promotions Snapchat Users Can Activate Face Effects Using Voice Commands

Snapchat recently added new filters that animate accordingly when users utter a specific word, expanding the app's interactivity

Entertainment Service Turns Your Music Library Into A Social Experience

Vertigo lets people become a radio host for their circle of friends

Advertising This Jewelry Line Is Leveraging Crowdfunding To Connect With Customers

Elbi, the social sharing application, is working with David Yurman to leverage user generated content to highlight charity work

Technology Photo-Sharing App Brings Images To Life Through Swinging

Polaroid's new service offers one-second video clips that offer a greater field of view by tilting and tapping your phone

Design Wireless Headphones Send & Share Songs From One Pair To Another

Wearhaus Arc wearers can sync up so that they can listen to the same music together.

Advertising Startup Could Replace The Role Of Traditional Book Publishers

Online platform Publification helps authors edit, publish, distribute, and market their ebooks.

Retail Tesco Offers Double Loyalty Points If Shoppers Share Products On Facebook [Future Of Retail]

Retailer offers fans incentives for promoting their products on their social networks.

Retail Trend: Shopper As Affiliate [Future Of Retail]

PSFK’s latest Future Of Retail report helps answer how retailers can answer shoppers' call of 'Let Me Sell On Your Behalf.'

Innovation Springwise: App Makes Revealing Photos Suitable For Social Media

The Obscura app gives users a way to tweak photos which may be deemed indecent, so that they can still be shared via social media.

Technology David Armano: Retailers & Brands Need To Steal This Idea [Headlines]

"If you really want to connect the dots between social integration and purchase intent then please steal this idea and integrate social sharing to your products and services on your sites."

Innovation June's NY Tech Meetup Roundup: Video-Sharing

We were struck by the predominance of entertainment & video sharing ideas at Tuesday night's NY Tech Meetup; specifically, their integration of 'social' features to afford viewers more curated and/or socially-validated content.

Work Why People Share Content & Spread Ideas

We compared The Social Times' 7 factors that drive people to share content to the reasons Seth Godin believes we spread others' ideas.

Advertising Social Sharing Via Networked Objects & Devices

Japan's Mixi has launched two new APIs that demonstrate how social media is evolving towards direct integration within networked devices.