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Advertising Macala Wright: 6 Technologies In Every Marketer's Toolkit

As consumer behavior becomes more complex, we need tech, tools and platforms that meet increasing customer expectations.

Design This Week In Brand Strategy & Marketing

PSFK curates some of the strategy, digital and creative advertising news catching our attention this week.

Innovation 'Throw’ Content From The TV To A Smartphone

"Social Cloud TV" is a prototype that lets users watch their content on another screen with a flick of the wrist.

Technology Should TV Be More Social?

PSFK interviewed the Founder and CEO of, which is a new TV experience that incorporates information from social networking platforms into your viewing regime.

Advertising Mobile App Listens To Your TV To Automatically Check You Into Shows

IntoNow is an early signal in how audio recognition is poised to drive the development of social TV, with implications for both content and hardware producers.

Gaming & Play Bar Karma: A Mystical Watering Hole At The Edge Of The Universe

Fan fiction meets producer-led content in a new choose-your-own-adventure television series by Will Wright.

(Pic) Univision Adds Facebook Integration To Streaming World Cup Coverage

An early foray into what the future of social TV watching might look like.

Gaming & Play (Future Of TV) How To Enhance The Viewing Experience, Rather Than Interrupt It

How can content producers create seamless social TV experiences?