Soft drinks

Delivery & Logistics Flavored Seltzer Subscription Service Ensures Customers Never Run Out

The U.K.'s Ugly Drinks is offering an alternative to sugary drinks and mineral water with its monthly home delivery, capitalizing on consumer demands for seltzer water and convenience

Packaging & Product Engagement Coca-Cola Creates Cans That Change Color According To Drinkers' Body Temperature

Coca-Cola Turkey released special cans that change color in response to the user's touch, functioning as an aesthetically-appealing product experience that aims to convince even the most health-conscious consumers to drink soda again

Advertising Coke Shares With Stickers, Scan-Tech And Armchair Vending Machine

Campaign hopes to reinforce the intimacy and proximity of Coca-Cola, and the meaning behind every time a consumer shares the drink

Food & Beverage Britain's Sugar Tax On Soda Is Now In Effect

The new tax is one method of fighting rising rates of obesity

Cafe & Restaurant Why ‘Craft’ Sparkling Water Is Taking Over The Soft Drink Market

Carbonated water is making a splash as sugary drinks are ditched for healthier options with Instagram-ready packaging

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Coca-Cola Will Soon Be Selling Alcoholic Soda In Japan

The global drinks brand is developing an alcoholic beverage for its Japanese market as it continues to branch out from soda

Entertainment Doritos And Mountain Dew Combine Two Super Bowl Ads Into One

The ad from PepsiCo marks the first time a conglomerate has advertised two brands at once during the big event

Advertising Coca-Cola Has Released A Coffee Drink In Japan

The beverage maker released a Japan-exclusive beverage that mixes their soft drink beverage with coffee

Entertainment Coke's Latest Campaign Created Over 1,000 Unique Songs Featuring People's Names

The beverage giant's new summer campaign lets people find songs with their names in them, a play on its named-bottle gimmick

Food & Beverage Coca-Cola's Detachable Labels Give Access To Music Festivals

The marketing campaign includes eight label designs and the chance for Romanian teens to win free concert passes

Retail Coca-Cola's New App For Small Retailers Looks To Innovate The Supply Chain

The drinks company is trying to disrupt traditional supply methods with an on-demand app that helps facilitate coke deliveries to small businesses

Advertising New Coke Spot Challenges Gender Norms In Advertising

The campaign marks a more LGBTQ-inclusive shift in messaging

Retail A New Iteration Of Coca-Cola Claims To Make You Healthier

Coca-Cola Plus has no calories or sugar, but it does have fiber

Design Diet Coke Prints Two-Million Unique Bottles Using Algorithms

Coca-Cola of Israel has launched a multi-level campaign to stress the individuality of millions of diet drinkers