solar cells

Technology This Solar Cell Can Generate Power From Raindrops

A team of Chinese scientists have developed a new solar panel that works rain or shine

Innovation Paint-On Solar Cells Created From Light-Sensitive Nanodots

Researchers have developed light sensitive particles that allow for cheaper, lighter, and more flexible power sources.

Technology Produce Simple Solar Cells In The Microwave

University of Utah metallurgists were able to create solar cell material using cheap and less toxic materials.

Innovation Recyclable Solar Cells Made From Trees

Team from Georgia Tech and Purdue develop energy production device made from recyclable organic material.

Work Solar Cells Printed Onto Plastic Could Be The Future Of Sustainable Energy

USC researchers have developed a pathway to cheap and stable liquid solar cells that can be painted or printed onto clear surfaces.

Design A Self-Sufficient Underground City

An ambitious concept to build a city 500 meters deep in an abandoned Russian diamond mine.

Design New Technology Prints Solar Cells On Paper

An innovation from MIT may provide a way to do away with bulky solar panels.