solar panels

Design Glass Block Solar Cubes Double As A Transparent Building Material

Build Solar designed solar blocks that can be installed into buildings like glass panels to provide power, light and insulation

Automotive Audi Is Developing Solar Panels To Power New Electric Vehicles

The German auto brand is hoping to pave the way for better engineered electric cars

Technology Compact Green Wall Cleans Air With The Power Of 275 Trees

A German technology company wants to lower air pollution in cities with a green wall that provides fresh air in urban areas

Design This DIY Structure Was Made To Survive Human Extinction

The open-sourced living habitat generates power and recycles water

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airbnb Hosts Incentivized To Install Solar Panels In Their Homes

A partnership with Solarcity is prompting people to adapt to the sustainable energy source

Automotive Startup Successfully Crowdfunds Self-Charging Electric Vehicle

The solar-powered car features a weather-resistant design, and a filter system that uses Icelandic moss

Technology This Solar Cell Can Generate Power From Raindrops

A team of Chinese scientists have developed a new solar panel that works rain or shine

Home Transparent Solar Panels Can Turn Windows Into Powerplants

Unlike traditional panels, these sheets are scavengers for sunlight

Work Should You Go Solar? Let Google Convince You with Machine Vision

Through satellite imagery, Project Sunroof visualizes how much you can save when you cover your roof with solar panels

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel eBike Solar-Charges Itself Directly Through Its Wheels

Solar Bike is even more environmentally friendly than other electric bikes as it doesn't require energy from power grid

Luxury Windowless Travel in the Private Jet of the Future

Depending on how you think about it, the IXION Windowless Jet Concept either has no windows, or it has all the windows

Work How Sea Salt Could Make Solar Panels Cheaper

Materials derived from seawater are 99.7% cheaper than toxic alternatives in solar panel manufacturing.

Advertising Mobile Solar Stations Pop Out Of Shipping Containers

Adaptable configurations gives this portable generator 400% more output than regular solar panels.

Innovation Solar Panel Parking Lots Absorb The Sun's Rays For Good

Solar Roadways built the lot with hexagonal panels that contain circuits, LEDs, and even heat to melt ice and snow when needed.