Advertising StubHub Customers Can Send Giftees Personalized Music Videos

Stubhub is using AI to make custom holiday greeting mixes that accompany ticket gifts, letting customers personalize the song according to their giftee's characteristics and preferences

Automotive Interview: How Uber Is Activating Its Customers And Celebrating Its Drivers

In conjunction with the Austin City Limits festival, Uber staged an activation celebrating the city's musicians who drive for the ridesharing app when they're not on stage

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Jaguar Lets Fans Remix Pop Singer's Latest Hit Based On Test Drive Data

AI sensors in the automaker's PACE vehicles enable users to remix Dua Lipa's music from behind the wheel based on how they drive, or use an adjoining app

Entertainment How AI Is Enabling Innovative Musical Collaboration

Music startups are increasingly employing AI-enabled music platforms that cater towards collaborative and sharable musical experiences, democratizing the industry by allowing users to act as creators

Entertainment Google's Latest Chrome Experiment Lets Anyone Write Music

Song Maker provides a simple and enjoyable way for people to create unique musical melodies

Advertising Campaign Rewrites Christmas Hymns As 'Hyrrs' With A Feminist Slant

Classic Christmas songs were reworded to feature feminist lyrics

Syndicated What Does The Future Hold For AI And Music?

Tech firms have developed AI that can learn how to write music. So will machines soon be composing symphonies, hit singles and bespoke soundtracks?

Design Highlights From The 2017 Tribeca Film Festival VR Arcade

VR continued to prove itself as a new frontier for creative storytellers and educators at this year's festival

Advertising Experimental Music Video Evolves Every Time It's Played

This experiment in algorithmic filmmaking shows the Internet in a curved mirror

Advertising Adobe's Digital Composers Will Create A Soundtrack For Your Life

By defining a few parameters such as mood, era and genre, the program is able to automatically generate unique musical compositions

Design How Yves Béhar Gave The Turntable A Digital Makeover

Streaming analog music might sound like an oxymoron, but the LOVE turntable device is designed to transform the ways we experience vinyl

Fitness & Sport Advertising Expert: What To Make Of Progressive Brand Messaging

Ginny Golden, Group Creative Director at AKQA, discussed the underlying trends and themes that ran through the Super Bowl advertisements' brand messaging this year

Advertising Interactive Film Tells A Story About Living With Cancer

A moving song written by a father of a cancer patient comes alive in a 3D environment

Consumer Goods Wireless Earbuds Respond To Touch Commands

Bragi's The Dash earphones have a new innovative feature that allows users to control the device by tapping their face