Home Congress Asks If Aaron Swartz's Legal Punishment Was Too Severe

Republicans Darrell Issa and Democrat Elijah Cummings are among those unsure if charges fitted the activist's "crime."

Technology Wikipedia Founder Launches Campaign Against Extradition Of British Student [Headlines]

Richard O'Dwyer created, which linked to sites to watch TV and movies. Although he's lived in the UK his entire life, he faces 10 years in prison in the US.

Home What Is CISPA?

Internet privacy advocates warn that Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act will give US unprecedented access.

Advertising Clay Shirky To Speak At PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2012

Shirky teaches at NYU's ITP course which is widely recognized as one of the key drivers of the city's creativity.

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Review the best in design, trends, culture, arts and fashion in our weekly 'What's Trending Now' roundup.

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Technology Wikipedia Will Pull Plug On Its Site For 24 Hours To Protest SOPA [Headlines]

The sixth most popular web site in the world will shut down all its English web pages to stop the new piece of legislation that threatens the future of the internet.

Gaming & Play New Android App Lets Users Identify Brands That Support SOPA

Smartphone scanning technology gives customers an easy way to identify items that are produced by companies that support the controversial piece of legislation.

Technology Reddit Announces Blackout To Protest SOPA [Headlines]

The popular social news site is shutting down for 12 hours to openly object the new piece of legislation that could severely limit online freedoms.