Sound Art

Technology Scrap-Metal Typewriter Turns Typed Sentences Into Pieces Of Music [Video]

Artists integrate digital and analog devices by upcycling scrap electronics and machines into sound instruments.

Partner Content New Technologies Transforms Everyday Objects Into Music Makers

Programmable interfaces can turn everyday objects into musical instruments.

Design Make Art, Music And Even Dance Without Lifting A Finger

Forward-leaning projects that are helping us rethink the body’s physical relationship with digital technology.

Technology Deaf Artist Creates Sound Installations That Everyone Can Hear

Christine Sun Kim explores the qualities of sounds she is not able to discern in order to make them more inclusive.

Work Sculptural Pipes Play Secret Lullabies To Entertain Hospital Patients

A children's hospital brings sound and architecture together to create a 'secret world' for sick kids.

Design Taxi Transforms Ambient City Sounds Into Music

The ‘Sound Taxi’, created by artist Yuri Suzuki, converts the noises heard during a trip through the streets of London into original music in real-time.

Home Artist Turns Living Rooms Into Immersive Listening Experiences

Shanghai-based sound artist hacks apartments in Shanghai to create musical environments.

Advertising Red Stripe Teams Up With Japanese Sound Artist To Create Installation Out Of Beer Cans

The latest project in a series of works by the beer company, which pay tribute to the DIY culture of Jamaica.

Work WMMNA: Seeing Sound At The Raven Row Art Gallery

Sound artists who resonated in the past and present are given a group show in London.

Design Bespoken Art Turns Sounds Into Pictures

Audio to visual conversions transform your chosen audio sample into an artwork.

Innovation Translating Physical Shapes Into Sound

Digital artist Ryan Raffa has built a prototype musical instrument that operates by reading shades of light colored by plastic pieces.

DJ Spooky Samples Melting Glacial Landscapes

The experimental musician creates acoustic portraits in motion.

Gaming & Play Light Frequency Fingertips Transforms Mobile Device Light Emissions Into Sound

Screens and hand gestures are combined in an unusual physical computing project by Robert Mathy.

Design The Sound Of Brainwaves

An exhibition explores the materiality and actions of measuring the brain.