sound system

Home Experience Theater-Quality Viewing with iPad Air Amp Station

Kickstarted tablet accessory turns the tiny screen into a high-quality theater sound system

Design Wooden Tunnel Plays A Soundtrack Created From Capturing Visitors' Movements

Ekko is an installation by Thilo Frank that records the sound of people as they pass, remixes them, and plays them back.

Design Three-Inch Speaker Can Create Enough Sound To Fill An Entire Room

The 1Q is a small but powerful Bluetooth sound system that fits in the palm of your hand and can deliver sound for 30 feet.

Technology Control Music By Swiping Hands Across This Fabric Speaker [Video]

Interactive device responds to simple touches and gestures.

Technology Beer Brand Sponsors Cultural Project To Make Unique Sound System Out Of Cans [Video]

Sound artist Yuri Suzuki creates a fully-functioning structure as part of the 'Make with a Red Stripe' series.

Luxury The Sound Tank Is An Assault On The Senses

An artist and musician designed the a new hybrid of sound technology to further expand on his research into creating certain types of aural stimuli.

Design 'Acoustable' Embeds A Sound System Within A Coffee Table

Designed by Jerome Spriet + Wolfgang Bregentze, the table reflects our connection to music collections through personal media players.