sound waves

How Sound Waves Can Make Beer Taste Better

A new countertop draught system takes a novel approach to giving you the best pour

Design Artist Casts Sound Waves In Concrete For A True Rock Album Cover

A Belgian label has turned one musician's album cover into a one-of-a-kind stone sound model

Innovation Dancing Flames Visualize A Song's Beats [Video]

Flammable gas and sound waves combine to create a mesmerizing show.

Design Sports Car Uses Forcefields Instead Of Windshield Wipers

The cutting-edge automobile company is developing sound wave driven technology to replace traditional rubber blades.

Advertising Sound Waves Converted Into Screen-Printed Designs [Video]

Experimental record company and team of designers collaborate to produce fashion merchandise.

Design Carved Vinyl Records Display Images While Maintaining Their Original Sound

A device that uses sound waves to create one-of-a-kind graphics on the analog medium.

Technology LED Wall Transforms Voices Into Visible Sound Waves [Video]

Murmur is an installation that enables communication between the public and the wall, displaying the movement of spoken words.

Home Imogen Heap Creates Shapes Using Her Voice [Video]

The British singer sprinkles salt over a small drum and makes different "Chladni" patterns with it by changing her pitch.

Innovation Headphones Use Military Tech To Deliver Tunes Directly To Your Inner Ear

AfterShokz using bone-conduction to bypass your eardrums to help you remain aware of your surroundings while listening.

Innovation Sound Charge T-Shirt Keeps Your Device At Full Power

Standing in the middle of a field with a low battery? Slip on this t-shirt and charge up your phone or music player with the sound of music as you enjoy a band.

Design Bespoken Art Turns Sounds Into Pictures

Audio to visual conversions transform your chosen audio sample into an artwork.

Advertising (Video) Paint Drops Reacting To Sound Waves

Dentsu London and photographer Linden Gledhill capture a frozen moment in time.

Advertising Cell Phones Of The Future Could Be Powered By Talk

Researchers are working on phones that would be powered by how much they are used.

Innovation (Video) The Lung Flute Uses Sound Waves to Clear Chest Congestion

Lung Flute is a medical device that uses sound waves to break up mucus in the chest cavity.