Artist Stitches Together A Soundscape Of London

The London Sound Survey is a project devoted to picking up and combining noises found from all over London

Luxury Experience Google Street View with Stereophonic Sound

Send your eyes and ears on holiday with a 3D soundscape in Google Maps

Map Lets People Listen In On New York In The '20s

Interactive sound map proves that the Roaring Twenties did indeed roar.

Design Recycled Sculpture Playground Teaches Kids While They Play

The festival holds pieces like sound-sculptures, music makers and wooden puzzle sculptures.

Gaming & Play Acoustic Ecology: A Half-Life 2 Soundscape [Audio]

Michel McBride-Charpentier recorded a short walk through City 17 in the video game Half-Life 2 and examined the soundscape.

Technology The Power Of The Mind Conducts Belgian Sonic Sculpture

An imposing installation harnesses the residue of consciousness to an industrial audio experience in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Technology A Soundscape Mapping Of The Entire United Kingdom

The British Library aims to produce a crowdsourced map of the UK’s acoustic ecology