Automotive How Elon Musk Turned A Rocket Launch Into An Unforgettable Marketing Opportunity

A Starman sitting in a tin can is currently navigating the heavens, soundtracked by David Bowie. How did it—and we—get there?

Advertising Tweet-Powered Billboard Throws Snow At Last-Minute Travelers

Swiss International Air Lines had fun with British travelers' tendency to book flights at the last minute with an interactive billboard in London

Design Ear-Monitoring Device Acts As A First Line Of Defense For Astronauts

The Canaria ear piece could monitor astronauts in space consistently throughout their mission

Entertainment A New TV Project Hopes To Give Viewers A Portal Into Outer Space

Sen wants to become the first television network to focus exclusively on gathering and providing viewers with information about space

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The digital ad campaign for Cisco shows the possibilities for space tourism

Technology National Geographic Sets Up A Model Home To Replicate Life On Mars

Th publication has simulated a model home that could, in theory, sustain life on the red planet

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The Facebook Messenger-based experience lets fans explore new locations from Activision's video game

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Become A Citizen Of The First Nation In Space

Asgardia is a new concept for a floating society above Earth

This 3D Visualization Reimagines Wikipedia As A Cosmic Web Of Knowledge

Wikiverse is a virtual world that allows readers to surf through information as they would the universe

This Startup Wants To Launch A Man-Made Meteor Shower For The 2020 Olympics

A Japanese company is trying to create an extravagant display for the next Summer Games in Tokyo

Design Design Challenge Lets Creators Produce A 3D-Printed Project For The I.S.S.

Students, engineers and makers are encouraged to imagine an object to assist astronauts in space

Advertising What Does It Look Like To Rebrand Space Travel?

In an endeavor to make out-of-this-world travel sexy again, the Commercial Spaceflight Federation is working to design glamorous and inclusive experiences for the modern age

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Seoul designers use lack of space as inspiration to launch a portable playing field

Design Furniture That Folds Into A Work of Art After You're Done With It

Save space by using this multi-functional piece that easily folds to hang on the wall