space exploration

Fashion & Apparel Coach Is Blasting Off With A NASA-Themed Fashion Line

The brand launched a new line of bags, accessories and clothing inspired by space exploration

Design The High Fashion Mars Suit We've Been Waiting For

Alexandra Lucas' multilayered spacesuit, which includes protection against radiation, could help us land on Mars in style

Home First Human-Made Object To Travel Beyond Our Solar System

Voyager 1 space probe has reached the edge of the solar system, where nothing from Earth has flown before.

Technology Crowdfunded Telescope Lets The Public Explore Space

Take a photograph of yourself in space or try to find an incoming asteroid using this public project.

Luxury Intel iQ: Programming Rovers On Mars From 100 Million Miles Away

How did a team of NASA scientists actually get a one ton robot onto the red planet?

Innovation First Commercial Flight To The International Space Station Launches [Headlines]

A new era of space exploration is ushered in as SpaceX, a privately owned rocket, lifts off from Cape Canaveral early Tuesday morning.

Design Want To Become A Space Explorer? Just Email NASA

In her video for Syfy's 'IMagine Greater' series Ariel Waldman of describes how she wrote to the government agency about her interest in their space exploration documentary, and the rest is history.

Advertising The Future Of Learning: Open Source Education

The key to providing access to and engaging people in fun and fulfilling education is to create shared communities that reward participation.

Technology Ariel Waldman: Can We Hack Space So Everyone Can Explore The Cosmos? [Video]

The founder of spoke at PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO about how open source participation can help us to cross seemingly insurmountable barriers.

Nasa Chief Stresses Global Cooperation In Space Exploration [Headlines]

Charles Bolden's announcement may be a sign that America's dominance in space exploration may be coming to an end.

Work PSFK Conference Speaker Interview: Ariel Waldman

The founder of previews her thoughts on crowdsourcing and collaborative problem solving in anticipation of PSFK's upcoming San Francisco conference.

Design New Generation Of Space Suits Focus On Mobility And Adaptation

Oceaneering International and David Clark Company are working on the next generation of space suits.