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Design Engineers Are Using 3D Printing To Make Space Travel More Affordable

A new start-up company aims to create rockets for space travel with 3D printers limiting cost and focusing on efficiency

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The shoe draws inspiration from SpaceX and Y-3

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel NASA Debuts Stunning Posters Inspired By TRAPPIST-1

The posters memorialize the potentially life-harboring new planets

Advertising Explore A Galactic Hotel With 360 Degree Video Tour

The digital ad campaign for Cisco shows the possibilities for space tourism

Advertising What Does It Look Like To Rebrand Space Travel?

In an endeavor to make out-of-this-world travel sexy again, the Commercial Spaceflight Federation is working to design glamorous and inclusive experiences for the modern age

Home NASA’s Tourism Posters Propel Our Spaceward Imagination

Designing for the advertising needs of leisure space travel