Technology How Facebook's Newsfeed Is Getting Smarter

New algorithm will reduce the amount of spam in your feed.

Advertising All The Spammers In The World Only Make $200 Million [Headlines]

The total cost of dealing with spam runs at $20 billion, while the total revenue generated for all spammers in the world comes to a paltry $200 million.

Advertising 40% Of Social Media Accounts Are Run By Spammers [Headlines]

Websites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are hotbeds for online advertising scams now that email filters have reduced traditional audiences.

Technology Could An Algorithm Give Spammers More Power on Google+?

Could a flaw in Google+'s circle system make it a playground for spammers?

Design Spam Wallpaper: Transforming Waste Communications

An Italian design studio finds use for thousands of spam mail.

Advertising Google Launches Extension To Block Content Farms

A crowdsourced Chrome extension filters spam-like web articles.

Technology Spam Email Levels Fall Sharply

Data gathered by Symantec shows spam email has plummeted dramatically since August 2010

Design Integrating Learning Into Spam Prevention Measures

Resisty is a CAPCHA plugin that adds a new twist to spam-comment prevention measures.

Technology Malware Spreading To Developing Countries

Developing countries are susceptible to malware and phishing practices.

Technology Criminals Control The World's Largest Computing Cloud

Who is the largest provider of cloud computing services in the world? It's not who you might think.

Advertising (Video) Flyvertising at the Frankurt Book Fair

In a disturbing example of invasive advertising, German agency Jung von Matt has come up with "flyvertising".

Innovation (Event) The Spam Book Launches in London

The Spam Book tackles the annoyances of internet porn, email spam and viruses as culturally relevant media theory.

Technology Spam Inspired Button Raises Funds For Charity

Every four weeks Floyd Hayes will create a range of buttons which uses the best spam headlines he finds in his junk mail and donate all the profits to sexual health charity.