Technology Douglas Rushkoff: Why Companies Should Make The People Rich

In the lead-up to our PSFK 2017 conference, we look back at key speakers from past years. Media critic warns companies against recreating the 'Walmart Problem'

Advertising Kanye West Pop-Up Doubles As A Product Launch Platform

The Sonos SUB, a wireless multi-room audio speaker, was launched at the fashion designer's temporary retail shops

Children Kids Can Now Build Their Own Bose Speakers

The audio company has released a customizable cube with step-by-step instructions to create a working speaker

Technology This Speaker Chooses Music Based On Your Emotions

Voice controlled system utilizes emotional intelligence to enhance listening experience

Design Phone-Charging Case Is Also A Wireless Speaker System

The PERI Duo iPhone Case streams music and increases battery life up to 160%

Gaming & Play Audio Specialist Launches Pop Up Store With Free-For-All DJ Booth

Interactive installations and cutting-edge technology by Sennheiser

Technology Tiny Speakers with Large Storage and Clean Sound

Mokibox audio is portable, adaptable, high-fidelity and funding now

Technology JBL Horizon Speaker Wakes You Up Gently

This small device is a twist on the alarm clock/clock radio, incorporating innovative technology to awaken users in a peaceful, pleasing way

Home UFO-Shaped Speakers Float Above Their Base

Levitating speaker adds elegance to sci-fi design

Advertising Cube-Shaped Wireless Speaker Plays Music From Five Sides

TDK's Trek 360 is designed to be portable while providing a 360-degree immersive listening experience

Work Spooky Speaker Mobile App Brings Scary Costumes to Life

AnalogFolk London have created a Halloween-themed app for Sainsbury's supermarket that uses voice-distortion tech

Home Prizm Plays Party Tunes Based on the People In The Party

Music device allows you to hear different tunes depending on your preferences

Design Lighting/Audio Device Mixes Beauty and Function

'Most emotional' is the phrase used by creators to describe the new Smart Lamp Speaker