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Advertising Speech Analytics Give Businesses A Stronger Voice With Fewer Costs

Chad Hart, Head of Strategic Products at Voxbone, discusses how speech analytics can revolutionize what your employees are capable of and how your customers see you

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel LG's Friendly Robots Will Help Travelers Through Seoul's Airport

Korean tech giant debut two robots that will join the airport staff

Design Intel Wants Users To Be Part Of The Future Of Computing

Excited about how gesture-, voice- and eye-control are changing the future of computing? Why not be a part of its creation?

Technology A Stronger, Faster Siri Competitor Has More Control Over Your Phone [Video]

The Utter! voice recognition app, currently in beta, can tell you your phone's battery level and reboot into the bootloader.

Work MIT Develops A Foundation For Text-Based Video Search

Part of MIT's 150th anniversary celebration includes a groundbreaking searchable archive of video interviews.

Technology US Soldiers To Use Smartphones With Translation Capabilities In Afghanistan

The TRANSTAC Project is an effort to break the language barrier between the military and locals.

Innovation How The Brain Benefits From Musical Training

A new study shows that music education can help boost a number of cognitive abilities