Spend Shift

Advertising PSFK Conference Speaker Interview: John Gerzema

The author and president of Brandasset Consulting talks about his current work, in anticipation of the upcoming PSFK Conference 2011.

Retail John Gerzema: Of Tea And Carrotmobs

In Tampa, a young entrepreneur named Kim Pham ignored a lot of the lessons taught in books about how to succeed in business, and built a loyal community anyway.

Home John Gerzema: Everyone Needs An Alice

In an era where privacy concerns still matter, would you exchange details about your personal hygiene—or, for that matter, how many trash bags or sponges you use—if Alice.com guaranteed that you would get better prices, never run out, and never have to shop for them again?

Innovation John Gerzema: Edison Was Right

Nextek promotes the efficient "organic power" of direct current in Detroit.

Design John Gerzema: The Rise Of Citizen Engineers

The shift from consumption toward production has powered the rise of an entire movement of makers, people who trade ideas for creating their own tools, machines, and technologies.

Technology John Gerzema: Random Hacks Of Kindness

Through a volunteer community who use open technologies, CrisisCommons' founders hope to create all sorts of relief projects that can be tested in one crisis, refined, and deployed again when the need arises.

Work John Gerzema: Trust And Transparency In The 'Now Web'

Betaworks, an incubator for ideas that might work in the era of real-time, exemplifies the new trust model made possible by the immediate and instantaneous flow of information.

Advertising John Gerzema: 2011: The Year Of The Artisan

Today Etsy has 300,000 artisans and is now valued at nearly $300 million. Although Etsy is based on the Internet, founder Rob Kalin argues that his success is based on the oldest form of communication—storytelling

Luxury John Gerzema: America’s Thriving Public Libraries

Once thought to be road kill from the Internet, Library use reached record levels during the recession as people sought education and community. Today sixty-eight percent of Americans now have a library card, the highest percentage ever.

Home John Gerzema: The Next Market: Value & Values

News that Groupon spurned Google’s $ 6 Billion dollar bid suggests its founder envisions an even bigger opportunity ahead – the market for mindful consumption.

Advertising John Gerzema: Don't Short The Motor City

Urban pioneers such as the "Good 
Girls Go to Paris" restaurant create a 'virtuous circle' in Detroit.

Design John Gerzema: The DIY Utility Company

Stanford Business School friends Lynn Jurich and Ed Fenster solved the basic problem in residential solar energy — upfront cost — by offering homeowners fixed leases on all the equipment they need to get off the grid.

Innovation John Gerzema: The Un-Consumer

If you want to see how the Great Recession has reshaped consumerism you can start with both the chicken and the egg.

Advertising John Gerzema: Green & Green

Using truck-mounted scales and bins with electronic identification tags, RecycleBank weighs the paper, glass, and metal left on the curb by individual households and rewards them with shopping discounts.