Banks, Insurance & Financial Services JPMorgan Chase Reveals Where And How Consumers Shop Online

The JPMorgan Chase Institute released a report that details where and how consumers are spending their money, highlighting key takeaways for local businesses in an age of ecommerce

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Industry spending increased by 4.8% over 2011, but agencies are aiming the cash at media channels that make a direct connection with consumers.

Home Houston Is America's Top Mobile Shopping City [Headlines]

The southern city beat out contenders like New York and San Francisco.

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Lower growth than last year points to a fundamental transition in the development of the industry.

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Consumers are opting to share more and spend less in these economic hard times.

Retail Sales In China Up 17.2% [Headlines]

According to NBS, Chinese consumer spending was up to $262.6 billion as of October.

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Companies are using social media to promote products and handle customer relations.

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The American love of Halloween increases each year according to consumer spending figures.

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Retail sales in the United States surged at their strongest pace in seven months in September as consumers stepped up their spending.

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