Sports & Fitness

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HyperIce leverages partnerships with top athletes to tap fitness recovery tech market

Innovation Is Nike Working to Re-Establish Itself in the World of Wearable Tech?

Despite the discontinuation of FuelBand, a new patent from Nike provides clue into their role in the future of sportswear

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Fitness app aggregates user data from around the world for a better insight to daily activity

Gaming & Play Electric Roller Skates Double as Activity Tracker and Social Network

Personal mobility shoes of the future passes Kickstarter goal of $50,000 in under 24 hours

Luxury $1.3 Million Wooden Surfboard Rides Waves At 35MPH

Roy Stuart's Rampant 10'6" surfboard uses advanced hydrodynamics to amplify the surfing experience.

Technology Health Aggregator Syncs Fitness Trackers And Apps

Nudge makes sense of confusing metrics and badges that the many devices and applications give you.

Advertising How Tablets Are Putting Healthcare Power In Patients' Hands

Tablets are empowering patients with the tools and information they need to experience healthcare on their own terms.

Design Customizable Ringtone Bell Makes Cycling Safer And More Fun

The MYBELL allows for riders to project any sound at high volumes, like a ringtone for bikes.

Video Aquatic Hoverboard Takes Surfers To The Skies

After years of teases, French thrill-seeker Franky Zapata invents a water-jet-powered stunt board.

Work Creating An Ideal Vision Of Health, Using Wearable Tech [Future Of Health]

Data produced by wearable devices are providing users with a new view on how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Editors Pick Wearable Tech Puts Wearers On The Frontline Of Healthcare [Future Of Health]

PSFK Labs looks at how wearable technology is enabling wearers to become more involved with decisions about their health.

Technology Robot Tracks Cyclists' Daily Routes To Fight For Bike Lanes

An agency in Germany created a machine that traces the paths of bike riders onto city maps to show where lanes are needed.

Advertising Russian Bank Rewards Customers Who Work Out With Higher Interest Rates

Fitness trackers convert sweat into savings in a world first for personal finance.

Brazil's Cabbies Get Free English Lessons Before The World Cup

Voxy's targeted language learning offered to a fleet of 40,000 taxi drivers.