Advertising Spotify Lets Brands Sponsor Listeners' Weekly Discovery Playlist

Hoping to help brands better connect with consumers, the streaming app will allow retailers to sponsor its flagship Discover Weekly playlists, running a series of ads to reach the most loyal listeners

Loyalty & Membership Content Startup Curates Recommendations Without Compromising Users' Privacy

Canopy is a mobile app that aims to marry curation with privacy, collecting customers' data in an anonymized, non-reversible vector to base suggestions off of

Brand Activation & Immersion Spotify Accompanies Album Drop With Dedicated Popup Store

Spotify highlighted the release of a French vocalist's album with a physical pop-up event, made possible by Storefront, offering guests exclusive services and performance from the artist

Health Spotify Creates Custom Playlists Based On Listeners' DNA

Based on DNA collected from, Spotify will design a personalized playlist featuring artists hailing from same regions as customers' ancestral origins

Entertainment Pandora Premium Creates Predictive Playlists For Subscribers

To compete with Spotify and Apple Music, Pandora is enhancing its premium membership by adding the capability to curate personalized playlists for listeners that refresh weekly

Automotive Jaguar Lets Fans Remix Pop Singer's Latest Hit Based On Test Drive Data

AI sensors in the automaker's PACE vehicles enable users to remix Dua Lipa's music from behind the wheel based on how they drive, or use an adjoining app

Food & Beverage Spotify Podcast Listeners Receive A New Amsterdam Vodka Drink Recipe

The vodka brand's podcast will feature interviews with up-and-coming hip-hop artists, as well as cocktail recipes that can be made with the spirit

Fashion & Apparel Made-To-Wear Menswear Company Recommends Suits Based On Customers' Spotify Taste

The service is the brainchild of custom clothing designer Julian Eison and creates personalized style recommendations based on the customer's favorite artists

Advertising Spotify's Subway Takeover Welcomes NYC Into The World Of David Bowie

To celebrate the artist on his home turf, Spotify immersed New York's Broadway Lafayette subway station in David Bowie imagery

Delivery & Logistics Now There's A Spotify-Like Service For Finding New Recipes

Launching this spring, ckbk is a digital subscription service that allows members to browse thousands of recipes and save them into 'playlists' for sharing

Entertainment Spotify Initiative Highlights Black Artists' Contributions To Music

Spotify partnered with Saturday Morning on a creative hub that will showcase past, current and up-and-coming black artists beyond February's Black History Month

Home Spotify Is Testing Its Own Voice Assistant To Control Your Music

The streaming service’s voice recognition system seeks to free it from reliance on Siri and Alexa, paving way to launch its own smart speaker

Advertising Spotify's Amplify Hub Curates Music To Showcase Social Causes

The new service is meant to highlight causes and communities through a themed selection of music and podcasts

Home Sonos Hijacks Apple's HomePod Launch With A Snarky Playlist

The home sound system brand cheekily acknowledged its new competition with a playlist to honor the HomePod's arrival