spray paint

Luxury Spray-Painted Vantage Points Put An End To Terrible Tourist Photographs [Video]

The #noshittyphotos project adds signs to pavements at the most popular landmarks in NYC and San Francisco.

Design Incognito Briefcase Lets Graffiti Artists Work Without Getting Caught [Video]

Bob Partington uses a hidden compartment in his case to secretly tag the streets of NYC.

Design Ai Weiwei’s Spray Paint Gadget Hinders Surveillance Cameras [Pics]

A device that keeps street artists safe from the eyes of Big Brother.

Jewelry Made From Venice Beach Graffiti [Pics]

Artist Tom Christiansen's 'Graffiti Collection' is made from layers of spray paint.

Design Flying Pigeons Transformed Into Colorful Works Of Art [Gallery]

Colorfully dyed birds are spotted flying over city streets during the Venice Biennale.

Advertising A Chevy Sonic Turned Graffiti Robot Creates Awesome Street Art [Video]

The new car helps famous street artist Jeff Soto create a unique mural.

Liquid Spray Paint Abstractions (Video)

A unique time-lapse film was made over the course of 144 hours.

Design (Pics) Crystals And Lasers: Matt W Moore In Paris

Matt W. Moore is currently showing off a collection of new works at the Since,Upian Gallery in Paris.

Design (Pics) Pantone Spray Paint

Italian graffiti writer and graphic designer NICO189 has created a nice-looking set of conceptual spray paint cans using colors from the Pantone Matching System .