Design Decorative Wooden Piece Doubles As An Internet-Connected Display

Mui is a decorative and interactive wall hanging for the home

Advertising Springwise: News Articles Transcribed As Quick Video Summaries

Wibbitz automatically takes the pertinent facts out of daily stories and presents them in a more mobile-friendly format.

Innovation Springwise: Cosmetics Range Inspired By Youtube Comments

Beauty blogger Michelle Phan has created a makeup line, which incorporates fans’ suggestions received on her video channel.

Syndicated Springwise: Lunchbox Doubles As Portable Oven

The HotLogic Mini is a portable food container that can be plugged in and used to cook.

Technology Springwise: Virtual Job Interviewer Lets Candidates Practice Ahead Of Time

Jizen helps potential applicants prepare by monitoring their physiological signs, and providing techniques to moderate nervous body language.

Innovation Throwable Microphone

Catchbox, a foam padded wireless mic can be tossed around to break up the monotony of speaking engagements.

Advertising Springwise: Site Lets Users Monetize Twitter By 'Investing' In Various Accounts

Russian platform Twistock treats Twitter users like stocks that can be bought and sold.

Retail Springwise: Crowdsourced Site Asks Users To Identify Products In Photos

CrowdSend encourages users to tag pictures with information about the things depicted within them to create a new user generated image search.

Design Springwise: Newspaper Announces Divorces To Friends And Family

The Divorce Newspaper is a Japanese innovation that helps broadcast news of a breakup quickly and efficiently to loved ones.

Syndicated Springwise: Website Check Facts And Verifies Claims

New online service, TruthMarket, tests the veracity of public claims from major figures.

Home Springwise: Fashion Brand Launches One-Hour Delivery Service For Music Festival

UK brand Very has launched what it describes as the world’s first festival clothing service designed to keep attendees at Virgin Media’s V Festival well-dressed.

Technology Springwise: Wearable Patch Monitors Blood Chemistry

Instead of getting a sample through a large needle, San Francisco startup Sano Intelligence has created a sensor that can gather data through the skin.

Innovation Springwise: New App Gamifies Pain Monitoring For Young Cancer Patients

Canada-based Hospital for Sick Children has created the Pain Squad software which helps motivate patients who often suffer deep emotional trauma to keep track of their symptoms and condition.

Work Springwise: New Social Network Gamifies Employee Motivation And Morale

My Corner Office aims to incentivize corporate workplaces by displaying real-time status updates on Facebook-like profiles, to showcase exceptional personnel activity.