Advertising PSFK Labs Presents: Key Takeaways From Our Retail Manifesto

PSFK Labs takes a the key strategies taken from our recently launched retail report for how retailers can bring the best of online, in-store.

Design PSFK 2013 Roundup: Staff Picks

Here are some of our personal team favorite ideas from 2013.

Home Agency's Happiness App Monitors Employees’ Morale

The in-house mobile app lets staff express their mood each day and active users are rewarded.

Technology Work-Related Reward Points Exchanged For iPads & Prizes

YouEarnedIt lets co-workers reward each other with points than can be redeemed for prizes.

Innovation What Does The Architecture Of A Post-Carbon Economy Look Like? [PSFK CONFERENCE SF]

PSFK talks to architect Eric Corey Freed about applying design thinking lessons for sustainability.

Work Creative Agencies Tap Into Other Talents By Temporarily Swapping Staff

Creative Swap allows participants to have a fresh approach to the working process and learn things from industry peers.

Home Volkswagen Deactivates Blackberry Emails For Off-Duty Staff

The automaker is curbing company messages to try to help employees achieve a better work-life balance.

Innovation Bank In India Run Exclusively By & For Children

Unique finance system aimed to give kids in impoverished areas a safe place to store their money.

Retail Michael Kors Hires His Own Employees To Model Outfits [Video]

Designer aims to connect with everyday women by letting his staff become fashion muses.

Advertising Piers Fawkes: Retailers -- Stop Making Bad, Real-World Web Sites

Stores can't compete with services better delivered by the efficiencies of the web but should instead focus on the art of the human experience.

Advertising Adidas Unveils First Corporate Blog Maintained By Employees

The sports apparel leader lets the world into its heart and company values as it showcases a wide variety of articles written by Adidas group staff.

Retail Ed Cotton: Technology And The Store--Is This Death Of A Salesman 2.0?

The amount of retail information online that is readily available to consumers when they shop may render the salesperson obsolete.

Work Amazon Accused Of Having Unsafe Warehouse Working Conditions

Employees of the online retail giant have stepped out to complain that Amazon's working condition is unacceptable and brutal.