Health This Piece Of Paper On A String Could Revolutionize Health Care In Third-World Countries

The Paperfuge is an inexpensive version of the sampling mechanism used to detect infections such as malaria and HIV

Fashion & Apparel Roaming Robots Crawl Around Your Body To Do Small Jobs As You Go About Your Day

A new concept wearable developed by researchers at MIT and Stanford are fully functional bots that live on your clothing

Technology This Device Is Designed To Distract You From Pain With Virtual Reality

Mixed reality that removes us from the present might become hospitals' solution to chronic pain

Work How Playing Videogames Could Help You Find Your Perfect Job

A new company aims to discover talent by examining players' in-game actions

Technology Google Applies its Map Algorithm to the Human Body

University of New South Wales is mapping our bodies at the cellular level with familiar tech

Home Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

This week’s innovations include a portable DNA tester and on-demand flu vaccines.

Design 3D Printer Add-On Creates Playable Video Game Controllers [Video]

The Rabbit Proto can print electronic circuitry within plastic.

Syndicated How Phone Call Metadata Could Reveal Your Private Life

Stanford researchers prove that even a quick phone call can provide enough detail to identify individuals.

Advertising App Uses Smartphone Lock Screen To Poll Users

Twitch aims to simplify crowdsourced data collection by taking advantage of our phone-checking compulsions.

Technology Code Poetry Slam Shows The Hidden Beauty Of The Medium

A new student project gives a spoken life to the hidden code that drives many of our daily activities.

Advertising Toy Commercial Empowers Girls To Shun Barbie Princesses [Video]

Using a Rube Goldberg machine, GoldieBlox imagines the fun to be had by inventive girls.

Design 10 Stories You Need To Know

Exclusive runway looks debut on Snapchat, Stanford to invest in students startups and how video games make your brain younger.

Design Apple’s New Store Design Creates A More Welcoming Layout [Pics]

The open retail space has glass walls on three sides with a stone interior and an overhanging stainless steel roof.