Star Trek

Entertainment Duolingo Adds A Course In Klingon For Star Trek Fans

The learning platform is giving Trekkies a chance to master the famous language from the Star Trek universe

Advertising Nvidia Has Built Their Own Functioning Holodeck

The space will allow them to view a photorealistic version of their ideas to facilitate a more efficient development process.

Fitness & Sport You Will Really Need To Run For This Game Of Thrones Marathon Campaign

To promote the new season, fans had to run to watch a marathon

Design This Health Device Brings Star Trek's Tricorder Closer To Reality

The cellphone-like medical device can scan a person and instantly diagnose any ailments

Technology Onyx Personal Communication Device a Modern 'Star Trek' Badge

OnBeep's debut product is a wearable voice communication tool that allows groups to collaborate in real-time

Gaming & Play The Top UK Startups To Watch In 2014

There's a British invasion in the tech world, and you may even recognize some of the brands already.

Advertising Star Trek Episodes Reimagined As ‘60s-Inspired Movie Posters [Pics]

Artist Juan Ortiz’s new book features images of all 80 original episodes of Star Trek, each one revamped as a retro movie poster.

Luxury From Star Trek To Tupac: How Holograms Are Changing Communication

No longer science fiction, PSFK and Intel look at how performers, business execs, and even museums are embracing the technology.

Video Sci-Fi Legends William Shatner & Wil Wheaton Narrate Mars Landing [Video]

Star Trek actors explain the Curiosity rover landing for NASA in their own unique tone.

Technology Star Trek PADD For iPad: A Must-Have For Trekkies

A new app turns your iPad into the beloved Personal Access Display Device (PADD) of Star Trek fame.

Technology The Search For A Working Tricorder

The X Prize Foundation will award $10 million to whoever creates the world's first real Tricorder.

Design When Hello Kitty Met Darth Vader

A series of remarkable pop-cultural mashups of multi-genre characters.

Luxury Quantum Teleportation Leaps Forward

Scientists in China have successfully teleported particles farther than ever before.