Fitness & Sport Speedo Launches A Dedicated Training Platform For Swimmers

Called Speedo On, it offers personalized training plans, analysis and a social support network

Advertising Professional Industries are Shifting to Embrace the Nomad Lifestyle

PSFK's latest debrief uncovers the emerging corporate trend of remote work

Design iPad Cover Turns Baseball Data Into An Interactive Sculpture [Video]

Teehan+Lax Labs created a memento to the season with acrylic slides depicting the data of MLB teams’ performance.

Innovation Personal Data Visualizations Tell Drinkers Which Beers They Will Enjoy [Pics]

Beer Mapper is a statistical way to find out which flavors a user will like the best.

Innovation An Infographic Study Of The Adult Film Industry [Pics]

Using averages of porn actors profiles as data, Jon Millward created infographics that give an overview of trends in the adult film industry.

Technology Kickstarter Launches Real-Time Stats Page [Headlines]

The online crowd-funding website has rolled-out a new feature which details the metrics behind the $226M raised to date for member projects.

Technology High-Tech Tennis Racket Provides Instant Stats To Players [Video]

Nadal demonstrates the Babolat Play & Connect, which hopes to revolutionize the sport.

Technology What Are The World's Healthiest Eating Cities? [Infographics]

Data from 7.68 million food ratings of half-a-million foods by the Eatery app is used in a series of five statistics-filled infographics.

Gaming & Play Swipe-Card Data 'Gamifies' Public Transportation In London [Future Of Gaming]

Chromaroma uses swipe-card data to turn public transportation in London into a massive, competitive multiplayer game.

Innovation Immigrant Hotspots In The U.S. [Infographic]

A new research shows that unlikely cities in the U.S. have become more popular with foreign-born residents.

41.7% Of NYC's Women Have Never Been Married [Headlines]

According to the US census, New York has the largest number of never-married women in the country.

Advertising A New Way To Visualize Data: BBC Dimensions Puts History Into A Personal Context

The latest iteration of BBC Dimensions gives personal context to history by allowing you to compare the number of people in your networks to the number of people involved in historical events.

Advertising Facebook Continues To Be The Most Powerful Social Media Site [Infographic]

The social networking giant still dominates other social media sites, like Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn.

Technology Did An Algorithm Help A Woman Win The Lottery Multiple Times?

Four time lottery winner has been outed as a Standford University Statistics PhD who may have discovered the key to winning big.