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MIT developers unveiled a new experimental process that can quickly print entire pieces of furniture

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Steelcase has studied how the body interacts with our various tech and has created seating that supports these postures.

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Brands like Ford, Verizon, Intel and others give us their impressions of the tech and trends at CES 2013.

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PSFK is asking readers to submit their favorite places to work alongside their fellow employees. Is it a conference table, couch or cafe?

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Office furniture company creates a 'Third Workplace' where their employees can comfortably work together in teams.

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PSFK's Consulting team looks at how office furniture and equipment is being designed with modularity and flexibility in mind, allowing spaces to be customized in the moment to suit the immediate needs of employees.

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PSFK recently tested Media:scape: an integration of furniture and technology that allows workers to access and share information equally, quickly, and seamlessly.

Design How Steelcase Is Designing Now For The Future Of Work [Headlines]

One of the largest designers of office furniture has been taking note of the growth of shared workspace formats like co-working.

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Steelcase adds them to its best selling ergonomic models to help users find out useful information quickly.

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Desk seating options we're reviewing for our office furniture for our new space in NYC.

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Designer Jamy Yang synthesizes comfort with eco-friendly design.

Advertising A Chair To Facilitate Active Learning

Steelcase's Node chair is aimed at meeting the needs of today's classrooms.