stefan sagmeister

Design A Renowned Designer Is Using His Instagram As An Interactive Forum

Stefan Sagmeister wants to help advise other designers and spark creativity via social media

Work How Top Creative Minds Incorporate Technology Into Their Craft

WeTransfer's "The Creative Class" video series highlights how technology has impacted musicians, artists and designers.

Advertising Retail Space Explores The Meaning Of Design [Pics]

STORY, the physical retail marketing space presents its tenth iteration, a living dialogue on the function of aesthetics.

Innovation The Creator's Project: Stefan Sagmeister On Why Good Design Is About Taking Risks

The famous designer and recent partner Jessica Walsh explain why turning off the computer is still important for today's creatives.

Design Stefan Sagmeister Creates Bike Chain Typography Poster

This poster was created for a San Francisco bicycle's company vision of reclaiming urban spaces.

Advertising Happiness Encounter With Stefan Sagmeister In Philadelphia [Pics]

Show is a reflection on happiness, the pursuit of it and the design-leader's learnings about the subject.

Luxury Stefan Sagmeister's Latest Exhibition Explores How To Make Yourself Happy

The graphic designer has created explores the things we tell ourselves to get through the day using typographic interventions.

Retail Retail Visionary Launches Love Concept Store With Online Dating Website

Rachel Shechtman team ups with dating site to launch innovative shopping experience for the month of February.

Design Stefan Sagmeister, Another Exhibit About Promotion And Sales Material [Headlines]

Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister's new exhibit opened in Paris yesterday.

Kickstarter Hits A Million Backers [Headlines]

A woman pledged to fund a film and became the one-millionth person to back a project using the crowd-funding site.

Work Stefan Sagmeister On Happiness [Video]

Designer Stefan Sagmeister gives a TED talk on happiness featuring short animations and video footage.

Advertising Advertising To The Heart: Stefan Sagmeister's Latest Exhibit [Pics]

Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister has made a living pushing past conventional norms on his clients' behalf. His commissioned work is now on display in Switzerland.

Technology Sagmeister's Office Webcam Homepage Hybrid

An unusual new website for the noted designer mixes live video with traditional site navigation.

Design (Pics) Good Business Through Typography

For Standard Chartered Bank's first global campaign, noted designer Stefan Sagmeister portrayed the theme, "Here For Good," using a range of type styles and executions.